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    Slingbox Pro HD - Australia Compatible?




      Can anyone tell me if the Tuner in the Slingbox Pro HD is compatible in Australia.


      I have a Cable connection with 8mb upload bandwidth, and am considering purchasing the Slingbox Pro HD, as the Slingbox Pro I have at the moment, doesnt give out the quality I want.


      Thanks for your help!




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          Hi, chrisriddell


          Yes, the internal tuner on the Slingbox PRO HD will work in Australia. Since Australia uses the PAL (Phase Alternate Line) video format, you need to purchase the Slingbox PRO HD in UK.


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          You can also check the requirements using the following link.


          Tech Specs for the Slingbox PRO HD

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              Hi Ranaleon,


              Just to let you know that the Slingbox Pro HD is NOT fully compatible with Australian digital DVB-TV (Freeview). I have a Pro-HD that I bought in England when I was living there. I returned home to Australia and tried it.


              In Australia, Analog TV is broadcast as PAL-B at 7Mhz Channel bandwidth on VHF AND UHF. As a result, DVB-T was implemented in Australia with a 7Mhz Channel Bandwidth. For the record, the UK used PAL-B (7Mhz) on VHF and PAL-G (8Mhz) on UHF. The Pro-HD finds and displays all VHF/UHF Analog PAL-B channels just fine.


              For some reason, however, with Digital DVB-T tuner in Sydney you can only recieve Channel 7 that is broadcast on VHF 177.5MHz. The other main digital channels in Sydney, Nine (191.5Mhz), Ten (219.5Mhz), ABC (226.5Mhz), and SBS (571.5Mhz) are all broadcast with a 7Mhz Channel bandwidth which as mentioned is unique to Australia and Slingbox ProHD does not seem to support this!


              I have tried to set up the Pro-HD to perform digital channel scaning selecting every country option but to no avail.


              I also noticed a prior post where another user in the same situation claimed that the Pro-HD was working for all channels in Australia but stopped working after a firmware upgrade. I am not sure if this was on Analog or Digital scanning.


              This is particularly annoying as you can select Australia as a country in the setup and a digital channel scan in Sydney finds 46 Channels! Therefore the DVB tuner finds all of the digital channels but does not display the A/V signals. I have requested through Sling support for this to be rectified in a future firmwawre upgrade, but as so often seems the case, a potentially good product suffers from poor support! My telephone call to the US from Australia led nowhere.


              I hope they get it together as I don't like Channel 7 that much


              Hope this helps. If you have some leverage in gettting Sling to make this minor adjustment, I and many others would be most grateful.


              Cheers and let me know what you think...