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    Using Slingbox to remote TVs?


      Hi there - hope you - and the slingbox! - might help me solve a problem.


      I am hoping to move my home theatre to a room without a coax jack. I can possibly route cable there... but it would involve a great deal of time and effort. I was wondering if the slingbox could potentially save me some time and frustration in re-routing coax.


      So, is it possible to use the Slingbox to send it to another TV in the house? If so, how would I set it up?


      Thank you!

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          jimfitzgerald Apprentice

          Since they no longer sell a SlingCatcher, you would have to use your laptop or a desktop computer to receive the signal from your router and plug the computer into your tv.  It is not a very acceptable solution in my opinion.  You would do much better to run a coax cable to the new location.