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    If I hardwire the Sling 500 to my router's ethernet port, will this eliminate in-house interference (microwave  oven)?

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      My home Wi-Fi has been inconsistent lately.  So I updated the firmware in my Linksys e2500 router and range extender 2000.  Question 1:  If I hardwire the Slingbox 500 to my router's Ethernet port, will this provide solid speed?  Right now I get the full speed that I pay for on any device that is hardwire connected to my router's Ethernet ports.  Question 2:  Whenever the microwave oven is on, it creates a lot of interference on the Wi-Fi connected devices.  This is not uncommon.  If I go with the Ethernet cable connection to the Slingbox, am I still susceptible to interference from the microwave oven?  My microwave is about 4 1/2 feet from my Slingbox with nothing in between.  Because of the TV and cable box location, I cannot change this distance.