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      I am using Slingplayer - web via IE (Windows 10) now as the desktop Slingplayer App appears to no longer be supported (at least for the 350 I have) and the Firefox plugin is unstable (for me at least).  IE seems to be the most stable option available left.


      However, I have noticed that Slingplayer is creating a file, 'SELOG1.txt' in  .../user/<me>/AppData/Local/Temp/Low/SlingplayerLogs.  This files grows larger, and in the course of watching TV for a few hours, quickly can become 4 - 6 GB.  As I am using a tablet with a very limited hard drive (30GB) to source this to a TV at a vacation home, I am finding that if I leave the Slingplayer running, I will run out of memory before the night is over.


      Question is, how do I shut off this log and/or prevent this file from being created and growing over time.  This is frustrating, as this did not happen with the Windows App.  I am now forced to close IE, ensure the file is deleted, and then restart.  As Murphy has it, this always seems to happen right at the point something important is happening (like my favorite team trying to score!).


      Please help.

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          I'm having exactly the same issue since more than a year on a Windows 10 64-bit system 80 GB SSD and of which at least half space is free. The SELOG.TXT just keep growing in size until it hits "the ceiling" and the whole system gets unstable due to no free space.