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    Can I Record Content from a Dish Network DVR625 and send it to my deployed Son?


      Dear Sirs,

      This is a newbie question and I am very sorry if this is a question that has been asked before.

      I looked around this forum and couldnt find a definitive answer to the following question.

      I have a Son who is presently on his 3rd deployment to a remote region where American military personell have limited access to any type of TV.

      I would like to be able to record TV programming and send it to him on a disk so that he can watch it on some type of player on his PC.

      I have a DISH Network Player-DVR 625 TV receiver that allows us to watch what I believe is an encrypted satellite TV signal that can be stored on a linux varient formatted drive.

      The code used to encrypt the signal comes from a smart card installed on the DVR and validated from time to time via a phone line which is also connected to the DVR.

      Can any "Slingbox Devices", be hooked up to one of the outputs of the reciever so that I can record TV shows which could be placed on an external drive and mailed to my Son for playback.

      I am not a hacker and am looking for a legal solution to my sons need.

      I dont care if the drive I send to my Son, needs to be encrypted or not encrypted.

      I am willing to pay for a legal solution to this problem.

      My Son lives with me and would be watching the same signal that I pay for and would send to him if he wasnt deployed.

      Once again Thank You for reading/responding to this question.

      If there are no Slingbox devices that will not perform this task, do you have any idea on how I can accomplish this task using other equipment.

      Thank You