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    HQ setting requirements


      I have a Pro HD connected to an internet connection with 1 Mbps upload. When using the iPad app on wifi, I get stuttering when choosing HQ instead of SQ. Is this normal? Nothing I can do about it?
      I see that the 3G HQ only requires 800 kbps. Any way to use that setting with wifi?

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          Hi, fredz85


          First of all, we encourage you to check if your Internet service meets the tech specs in order to stream the HD signal. You need at least 1200 kbps (upload and download) or higher on Wi-Fi if you want to stream the HD signal.


          If you don’t have enough bandwidth for HQ using SPM iPad, the iPhone app on the iPad might work better for you.


          Just make sure to check the following links:


          PRO-HD Tech Specs


          iPad Tech Specs