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    Some remote commands are "greyed out"


      I am using a sling box pro-hd connected to a directv HR20 DVR. The page up and page down controls are greyed out when in the DVR controls. Actually they are greyed out all the time but the DVR controls are where they are usefull. I also have the iPhone app and the page up/down works fine.


      Anybody else see this?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          It's odd that the iPhone app works, as that means the PageUp/Down codes are present in the Slingbox.  In Slingplayer are you using the default remote skin or does it look like your original remote ?


          I assume you have tried the Channel Up/down to make sure they aren't used in the DVR screens as Page Up/Down ?

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            For me, the "." is greyed out on my Ipad, meaning I cannot directly enter a channel with a .1 or -1 extension, e.g., 725-1 or the like.  Works fine on the Iphone (though initially it did not, but somehow got corrected).

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              I've observed the same problem.  I was told by someone at Sling that the reason the page up and page down are greyed out is because there is no physical button on the HR2x remote for Page Up and Page Down.  They suggest using the channel up/down swipe (which works, but you have to leave the DVR interface to use it).  DirecTV does use Channel Up and Down as Page Up and Down IN CONTEXT - such as the guide or the recorded program list.  I suggested that, for the HR2x remote, they either make PgUp and PgDn execute channel up and down or label the keys in the DVR interface as ChUp and ChDn and those of us with HR2x's will know what to do.



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                I am having the same problem with the grayed out Page Up/Down button in the DVR menu. They are the buttons I use the most when viewing my recorded programs list or the Guide. Please fix this. On a side note,why does the video have to freeze whenever I select a menu or command? Why couldn't you buffer the video much like the PC version?

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                  I just saw this posted on a Slingbox Support page. I don't know why they don't make this problem more known:




                  "Page up/down" buttons grayed out with SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad and SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone


                  In SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad and SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone/iPod touch, the "D-Pad" Page Up and Page Down keys are unavailable (grayed out).


                  This can happen when you are using your Slingbox to connect to DirecTV and Sky HD set-top boxes.


                  To work around this, you can use the Channel up/down buttons, or do a swipe up/down gesture on the screen. This serves the same function as Page Up/Down.


                  This issue is currently being investigated for a fix.