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    cannot connect to my slingbox solo please help



      I am trying to connect to my slingbox solo after more than 2 years it was sitting in the box.

      I have 1 router from ISP and then I have Apple Airport Extreme and Airport Express setup as WDS.

      I have decided to use the Ethernet port on the back of Airport Express for my Solo box. I connected everything as per directions and downloaded the latest software for windows. I opened Slingplayer and tried to connect but the box won't connect. It shows the following error:

      photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPG


      now can someone please tell me what do i do next. I have already tired the reset with holding the reset for 5 seconds etc still the same!!

      what should I do I tried everything I knew about. The thing I was able to connect about 2 years ago fine with similar setup but now I bought an Iphone and wanted to setup again but no luck.


      MY BOTH LIGHTS STAY ON, THEY BLINK WHEN I TURN IT ON BUT THEN AFTER A WHILE THEY STAY SOLID RED. So that means I have network connection but why am I still not able to connect? please help