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    Playing Xbox Via Slingbox?


      Call me crazy, but is it possible to have a good experience playing xbox from a computer within the house via slingbox?


      Here is my scenario...


      Xbox is downstairs - someone is watching TV so I can't play a video game or perhaps I'd like to play in bed... I sling the video from the xbox to my computer, and play from my laptop using the wireless controller? The wireless controller is communicating to the xbox, but I'm using the computer screen as if I was sitting in front of the TV.


      I ask because... my Slingbox Pro HD is on the way and wondered what the latency is like playing a game via slingbox on the WAN. I'm not talking about playing this in a hotel room or a friend's house, etc. I'm talking about playing within the same household.


      PS. I am aware of spawn labs. I was just thinking if I could something "similar" to placeshifting video games that spawn labs does with a slingbox from at least internally in my house and I was curious what the latency would be.


      Thank you!