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    Comcast DCT-3412 Quick Skip?


      Hello All:


      I've been a Sling Solo user for several years now and have been very happy with the service, but was slightly confused by a recent update. I believe there was some kind of update that removed the Quick Skip function for the Comcast model above in both SlingPlayer for Windows as well as the iPhone Sling client.  I used this function quite a bit and would like to get it back.  On the iPhone client, the button still exists but is grayed out.  I have tried selecting other moto box models in the setup assistant but haven't had any luck.


      Is the only option now to go to custom remotes?  If so, are there any users out there that have a custom remote with this model/function? I did some looking but didn't have much luck...


      Thanks to all of you for your help!