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    Can't change channels with ipad app


      This sounds pretty ridiculous but I am a tech guy and have been trying this for 3 days with no luck. I can't change channels through the iPad app in any way.  Not through the keypad, no through the guide, no way no how.  You can't change channels on this thing. Anyone else having this problem?

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          Yes, I have the same problem but only when I enter the channels numerically. I can change them by swiping up or down but I can't when I type in say channel "500" which is three digits on BellTV. Four digit channels work but not three...

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            I bought a Pro HD installed it and it worked fine with iPad app the first time.  When I tried a second time the icons on top were missing from iPad App and channel changing became impossible for all methods.  I then reset my Pro HD and tried a new installation which was the wrong thing to do.  Now Slingbox Pro HD thinks it is not a US product and channel changing is impossible from any method iPad, browser, Slingplayer.  I called Tech support who after 30 minutes couldn't get it to work suggested I send it back, which I have done.  So I have a $30 Sling App with no Slingbox that can use it.

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                I'm in the same boat.  The Ipad ap sucks.  I have struggled to get the channels to change and as you said, the swipe works, but the keypad entry losses 1 or 2 numbers and then causes errors.   Very non-responsive.  Controlling the Direct tv dvr (hr20) is impossible.  The web based software on my desktop and laptop works fine so my solo hardware and software setup is fine.


                I've spent too much time at this and I have 47 years of experience.  I've reinstalled, re-configured, moved over to the web based software and reconfigured it, I have now given up.  Sling has got to fix this problem and soon or they will loss all of us as customers.


                Are you listening Sling?

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                Hi,  jasonpeery and all.


                To begin with, we must gather some information about the TV source attached to your Slingbox. We need to know the specific make and model for your TV source. We also want to know if by any chance you are using any kind of "Custom" code in order to control these devices.


                Make sure to include this information on your replies.

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                  I have a IPAD 2, I have a slingbox solo.  After reading all the negative reviews in the app store, i still paid for and downloaded the app as I have a certified Sling combination..... how wrong was I!!!


                  It displays the correct channel, but wont change.  I have followed all the slingbox advice on fixing this, but nothing works.  I'm tech and looking at their suggestions tells me that YOU (sling) dont understand why its not working......


                  Its not even a CHEAP APP !  its a premium price.  all my desktops, laptops work fine, so its not the IR Blaster, the setting and the box......


                  Is APPLE seeing this?  so many negative comments.......


                  Sling, pull your finger out and support your customers.  Otherwise you wont have a customer base at all!  remote viewing and portable devices go hand in hand - this is your future..........

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                      Well said. I actually had a properly functioning system until a couple of months ago. I could watch and change TV channels from the "Pad".  Something changed, possibly with the last update?

                      Oh yeah, let's not mention that Slingbox wants us to pay for them to fix or diagnose the problem!


                      Slingbox, a statement is due from you about this. Or an option to credit our accounts for the money spent. How about it?


                      (I really just want it to work)



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                      I have a Slingbox Pro HD and am unable to change channels using the keypad function on my iPad. I am, however, able to change channels by using the guide. It should be noted that all functions work when using my iPhone or computer. It would seem to me that everything is setup correctly and there is a flaw in the iPad SlingPlayer software. Is there a fix for this?

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                        I am having the same problem also.  The app will change channels by swiping up or down but not using the keypad.  Same behavior on both the Android app as well as the iPad app.  Channel changes fine when watching on the pc using "internet viewing".  makes NO sense what so ever!

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                          absolutely. I thought I had it hooked up wrong until I read this site. 

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                            What can I do?