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    No audio with iPad app...


      I have a 3G iPad.

      Slingbox hd with latest firmware (11/16/2010)

      No audio when using the new app (wifi or 3G)

      Audio works on same iPad with iPhone version.

      Audio works when watching on laptop with web viewer..

      I have rebooted all devices.


      I have 2 warnings on the setup page.

      internet viewing alert (but it still works with iphone app and macbook)

      slingbox status alert Tells me to upgrade firmware.  i follow instructions and it tells me I am up to date


      whan i look in the ipad tray when slingplayer (Ipad version) is running, there is no slider for audio, nor does the ipad buttons adjust level. as soon as I close the slingplayer ipad app the slider appears. The slider is always abailable on the iphone app also.