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    viewing 2 different channels


      How do we set it up so that while my husband is in a different city and i am at home, I am able to watch one program and he can watch something else?

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          I have the same problem /situation.  I had it working once when my Slingbox Pro was new in 2008.

          I finally have my Slingbox working again and the on-screen remote works but it changes both the TV AND the slingbox viewed channel.

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              alanrichey42 Master

              Just think of a Slingbox as a TV that just happens to send it's output down the Internet rather than to a screen.


              So ask yourself this question:   Can I plug in a new TV into my kitchen/bedroom and watch a different channel to my main TV ?


              If the answer is NO then you are stuck.  If the answer is Yes (without any additional boxes) then you should be able to view different channels on the TV and the Slingbox (provided you have a Slingbox with a coax connection on the back).    So come back here with details of how you have the Slingbox and TV wired up.