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    No cast button on Pixel XL


      Hey all,

      I've seen this discussion elsewhere on the site but it won't let me respond to that thread. I'm having an issue where my Asus TF101 tablet with a custom ROM will show the chromecast button and casts fine, but my Pixel XL on 7.1.1, will not show the cast button no matter what I do.


      The ChromeCast is the 2nd Generation ChromeCast. I've tried using everything on the 2.4 ghz network, and everything on the 5ghz network, and then mixed and matched. No luck on any.


      Is this an update that's required on the app side? Are they getting rid of ChromeCast for higher android versions?





      EDIT: Found the post regarding the workaround, and it works. What the **** is wrong with SlingMedia? Most expensive app I've ever bought, and it doesn't work without a bass ackwards workaround.


      Interestingly, I think Slingbox is shadow-locking threads that are in relation to this issue, as the thread doesn't show locked, but won't let you respond. It'd be very interesting to hear from Slingbox on this, as that's a huge breach of trust and it sounds like they're trying to cover up some major issues.


      Double edit: Looks like my thread has also been locked. Talk about some sketchy stuff! I really wish we could at least get some kind of response from somebody in Slingbox to 1. Address the trust issues of locking threads discussing a major shortcoming of their product 2. FIX THE ISSUE!


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