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    Internet Viewing


      I have setup my AV SlingBox with not issues but have been unable to get it to connect over the internet.  I have a Cisco branded Linksys e1000 and this router is not supported online but I did go in and change the setting to allow a port forwarding into 5001 and still get nothing.  I am at a loss and feel like I have tried everything.   Any help would be great. 

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          I had the same problem but I just figured it out...Before you change the port you need to enable the port....Do this by going to your routers home page on your system..open a browser then type your IP address in the browser you may need to enter the username and password of your browser to get in...


          When the Lyksys setup page appears go to the tab for applications and gaming....go down to the first available box label it for slingbox use assign a port number like 5001 or 5002 etc. remember the number....and then change the ip address for the port by changing the last number to a three digit number if it ends in .0 change to 148 again remember this number...then save settings and return to the slingbox setup and use the same settings you just setup in linksys...


          You should be good to go...

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            Hi, I have the exactly same problem like yours. I am wondering why you have not received any answer. I really hope someone can answer your question very soon. Thanks