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    Slingbox Connectivity Sucks - Constantly drops

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      I've had my SB 500 Slingbox for just over 2 years. I think the head end at Slingbox constantly drops my connection or the video stalls, then I get the error in the screen shot below. It is too frustrating to use for anything other than watching the news when you know it will be repeated in an hour. The reconnect button rarely works.


      Well it's not the connectivity on my end. I typically have 6Mb/s upload, 60Mb/s download. It even drops when I'm hardwired on my home network in another room which is close to 100Mb on the local LAN! My slingbox is hardwired connected to the cable modem router combo. I'm sick and tired of having the program I'm watching stall at "Final Jeopardy" stall when the Challenge Flag decision is announced, stall at the Point After. I'm sick and tired of the stupid commercials that play before I can see my program. My theory is that Slingbox doesn't have the infrastructure in place to handle all of the clients that are out there streaming data which need to go in and out of their data center.


      I just tried it again watching CNN and it dropped after about 30 minutes. There is no freaking way I'd ever buy Cable TV service from these guys.


      Does anyone else have this same very very annoying problem?



      Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 10.44.03 AM.png