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    Arris Touchstone DG860P2 Cable Modem CONFIGURATION FOR SLINGBOX PRO


      I had it all figured out.  Everything's been good for go for almost two years.  Modem/Router died and has been replaced with the same model (WOW approved).  However, I've forgotten what I need to do to open port 5001 and start viewing my Slingbox.


      Anyone else using this Arris Touchstone DG860P2 Cable Modem and can walk me through it????  I surely would appreciate it.  I use the slingbox mostly for hospital stays which seem to last longer and longer!  I'm not getting any younger....almost 70....but that's no excuse.  I had it right and can't find the cheat sheet I created when I first started using the Arris Touchstone DG860P2 Cable Modem.  Help!!


      Thank you so much.