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    Program Guide not working for Uverse


      The program guide comes back with no data via the Web plugin or the new iPad version of slingplayer.  However, if I use the desktop version (2.0.4) it works fine. 


      Based on my troubleshooting, it appears to be an issue with uverse only.  If I switch the EPG to my local Cox digital cable, I'm able to view the EPG on all 3 devices.  But Uverse for some reason only shows up on the desktop client.  I get no error via the web plugin, it is just blank.  iPad says no epg data available at the current time.  This has been happening for a while.  I'm experiencing no other issues with viewing content or remote control functions on all 3 players. 


      Any ideas or is this something sling needs to fix with zap2it?