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    slingbox pro incompatible for ipad in italy??


      Hello,  I am an Italian customer who bought a pro slinbox I would like to know  why 'is not compatible with the new version of SlingPlayer for IPAD are  very disappointed, and instead works on the slingsolo slingpro  explanation of why I would not work in my country is the slingboxpro the object's flagship series, thanks sorry for my clumsy English

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          Hi, I'm also feeling pretty hacked off with Slinbox right now. Spent £18 for the ipad app a couple of days ago then went to PC World today and bought a brand new Slingbox Pro for £190, only to find it doesn't work because the software doesn't support some of the products they make. What a waste of money! I'd like to know if compatible software is coming later or have I just bought a discontinued model. No mention of that in the store. Is there a sensibly price trade in offer I wonder? Looks like I've just bought an expensive door stop!

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            Hi sagitter112, the SOLO and the PRO-HD have the necessary horsepower to utilize the latest streaming technologies which Apple uses for it's devices using iOS 4.2.


            The older Slingbox hardware will not work with this newer streaming technology.


            The requirements for SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad can be found here:


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            The Sling Support Team