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    features lacking


      No volume control.  (When the iPad is on a stand on a table the volume controls are not accessible, creating a need for virtual volume controls)


      No TV Guide while Sling continues to play, perhaps a smaller TV Guide on the side like the old sling application for desktops or a PIP while in TV guide.

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          Agree - we need the volume slider on the iPad version

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              Can't you double click the home button and swipe left to reach the volume slider?


              My thing is, how do you press select to bring your dish from sleep mode?



              Turns out there is an auto send select option for dish users. I'm not liking this thing so far. I went in error to rent a movie channel that I now can't navigate off the channel, last channel doesn't work nor does entering a different channel manually.. This thing still needs work.  Not very satisfied.

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              In general, loving the app.  Tried tonight to connect it to my TV using Apple's official AV cable and got sound but no picture.  Highly disappointing that this doesn't have video out.  All Apple video content (obviously) works with video out and so does the Netflix App.  Was looking forward to this working and sending back 2 of my cable boxes...oh well.  One could hope this would come in the next version, but I don't have my hopes up.


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                Since we are asking for new features... I would like to see multitasking.... Maybe making an audio only option on the app this would work... Other than that good job sling...

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                  So far, I like it but I've found it way too easy to accidentally change channels by swiping.  The swiping shortcuts should either only work while the controls menu is visible or perhaps allow the swipe features to be disabled / display a prompt before changing the channel.


                  Looks like the swipe features can be disabled.  A settings menu is available after disconnecting from a slingbox.