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    On screen remote buttons not available


      I have a dish network 622 VIP and bought my sling box from Best Buy.


      I configured it, and am able to watch TV on my Mac's, however, I have to use the real remote to change anything.


      I see the correct remote when I setup/config the inputs, but only the volume and mute buttons are available, the others are sort of grayed out.  Also, once I finish the config and pull up the remote, it pulls up a different remote which doesn't work either.


      I tried the camera test with the IR blasters and get nothing.  Maybe that is the issue, the cables are installed correctly so that is not the issue.


      I may have to exchange this....



      Ray Nist

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          alanrichey42 Master

          There are a few issues here.


          1.   Ignore the fact that the vol/mute buttons are working, they are not used to change the device, the player grabs them and uses them to control the player.


          2.   If all they keys are greyed out the configuration has not worked, and I wouldn't expect the IR Blaster to work.


          3.   All Dish boxes use the same codes so try some others.


          4.   Ignore the 'look' of the remote, that is nothing to do with the codes that are generated.


          5.   Make sure you have the remote set to IR (not RF).


          6.   Make sure the Remote address (see your manual) is the same as the one selected for the Slingbox. (Default is 1)