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    iPad streaming speeds?


      I just downloaded and installed the  Slingplayer mobile for iPad and I was wondering if there was a way to  use a higher bitrate stream when I am on my home LAN? Currently it says I am  using a 2000 kbps stream and my laptop will easily use 8000+ kbps giving a great picture.  The  iPad picture is ok, but not as good as I thought. My Netflix streaming is a lot better than the Sling. Some Youtube videos are way better and they are streaming from the internet, not my home LAN.


      I am also using the VIP922.

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          I just ended a online tech support chat with a guy who tried to convince me that:


          "The tv2 output on the receiver can only stream in 480 resolution." so I will never get HD programming from my VIP922.


          I tried to explain that on my laptop I have been viewing a excellent fullscreen HD Sling picture for quite some time now.


          What gives?

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              I gave one star to sling player for iPad because of the poor video quality.  I have VIP922, on desktop and laptop video is streamed at 8000+ kbps from dish remote access and the picture quality is great for 1080p LCD.  However on iPad, the streaming speed is only 2000kbps. I tried to hit the "HQ" button for high quality but picture quality stays the same.  On some forums, people are saying to serve video stream to iPad, stream needs to be converted to H264 first and probably sling boxes or chips don't have sufficient power to transcode.  However, if Sling can't the picture quality right, just put "LOW QUALITY STREAMING" in the iPad software description rather than bragging about the picture quality when in reality the pic quality sucks.  I find Sling is too hungry for the $30 instead of deliver decent quality software.

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              If this is supposed to be a device to enhance the mobileness experience of the Ipad, then generally when you are mobile you are most often then not using wife but instead 3g. Is this device feasible under At&t data restrictions of 2 gigs for 25 dollars? Or is this another app like netflix that is useless for traveling and 3g?

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                I noticed that in the options the max of wifi is 1200 kbps. I really think this is limiting the full potiental of the player. I'm still preferring my laptop over the ipad for watching stuff over the house which is just sad since the ipad is alot easier to transport than my laptop.


                IMO I think they should just open it all the way for wifi connection unless there is a limitation with the ipad. I get better HD streaming from NetFlix and other online sources. This is really a disappointment for Sling especially after all this waiting.