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    Sluggish WiFi With iOS 4.2 Makes Slingplayer Virtually Unusable


      After installing iOS 4.2 on my iPad I have been experiencing very sluggish wifi performance. My iPad was previously a wifi speed demon under iOS 3.2.2. This problem is currently being well documented in the iPad Wifi Discussions forum on Apple's website. One thread on this particular topic has over 100 replies and over 8,000 views.


      Consequently, Slingplayer for iPad is virtually unusable on my tablet - constantly having to re-buffer even on SD. Unfortunately, what appears to be an outstanding app on the surface is getting unfairly criticized in the Customer Ratings in the App Store because of a problem directly related to iOS 4.2. Slingplayer was one of the main reasons I purchased my iPad and it has turned out to be a complete disappointment so far due to this problem. I hope SlingMedia can get Apple to address this issue soon so it doesn't unfairly give their outstanding product a bad name.