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    What about SlingBox Pro ???????



      I use the previous version of SlingPlayer on the iPad. Poor resolution and interface. When I saw the news on the new iPad App I just bought it without reading the requirements... I should not have done this, I know. And now I've paid 23€ for a version which tells me sorry you need to upgrade your slingbox and you can get a 50$ voucher to do so....

      What about an iPad App running on the SlingBox Pro, not in real HD but at least with a resolution and an interface as "modern" as the iPad ?? Using the iPhone version of the player with an iPad is really bad. I use the iPad to watch tv via Wifi at home & the resolution is so better than with SlingPlayer for iPhone.....


      Txs for your comments or advices SlingMedia team :-))

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          I share your point of view! Why not get it to work on Pro?

          When I tried to get the voucher (40 Pounds) for upgrade on the homepage it did not take my se. number. It says that such number don't exist!

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            I am having great difficulties downloading software upgrade.  Looking for answers.


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              Ciao a tutti sono un utente e cliente italiano ed ho la SLINGBOX PRO e sfortunatamente dopo l'aggiornamento dello slingplayer in versione ipad vengo a sapere che non e' supportato ma siamo impazziti??????? slingbox fai qualche cosa non posso pensare ad una cosa del genere sulla SLING SOLO funziona e invece sulla SLING PRO che è l'oggetto di punta della serie nella mia nazione non funziona.......aspetto un aggiornamento software del sistema perchè cosi' proprio non va!!!!! ed in italia la slingbox pro hd non esiste!!!!! che faccio mi attacco????????

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                I agree,


                I bought the app, and it did work for a while and then following an "upgrade" is no longer supported.


                Slingteam - here's some questions for you :


                Why do I need to upgrade to an HD slingbox, when I don't even have an HD cable service?

                Surely when I'm watching on a 10" screen across a wireless remote internet connection is the "viewing experience" really that differnt?


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