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    Is there SlingPlayer software anymore?

    ChicagoDon Newbie

      SEEMS like a simple question but I have not been able to find standalone SlingPlayer software or any mention that it is no longer available.

      Again, it SEEMS the only option is the browser Plug-In.

      I have no problem with going to a browser plug-in only.

      Does anyone else regret the lost time searching the Slingbox website for Player software or mention of what happened to it?

      I just want to use it. I don't need to be proud that I can make it work.

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          I am seeing the same thing, the current version download is not available to me.  I have tried it using Safari and Firefox thinking it was a web version compatibility problem.


          What is the latest version, I can't even find that info?



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              alanrichey42 Master

              2.04 for the PC and 1.0.10 for the Mac.


              I checked those links again and they definitely take me to the current version download page.   I can only assume that your browsers/proxy have 'cached' the older pages and are displaying those to you.   You need to clear out the cache.




              1.     Go to http:\\support.slingbox.com 

              2.     Select the Downloads Tab

              3.     Scroll down the page a bit and on the right side is a box marked 'Other Downloads'

              4.     Click on the Slingmedia Desktop software link

              5.     Click on the 'Download the Desktop Player' link


              This takes you to page I linked to above, but it might bypass your 'cache'





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                  Hi, I turned on my slingplayer for mac today and was offered to upgrade to version  But when I go download the player it still downloads version 1.0.10. Is there an update or not?


                  Thank you

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                    When I open slingplayer, it says there is a new version, but I already have 1.0.10.  anyone else getting the same thing?

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                        Same here. I loaded SlingPlayer today and was prompted to update. When I clicked update, it opened my browser and said:


                        Your Build:
                        Current Build:

                        You need to update your software. Click here to find a current build.
                        When I click the link to "find a current build," it brings me to http://support.slingbox.com/go/downloads-mac
                        Once on this page, the only download link is on the right underneath "previous version." If I click the SlingPlayer for Mac link on the left of the chart, it brings me to the same download page to download build 1.0.10. Tried this on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome (after clearing cache), and they all brought me to the page to download the old version.
                        If it's not a bug on the website, the only thing I can think of is that Build 2.0 is not compatible with my older Slingbox Pro, because I'm running a 2010 Macbook Pro on OS 10.6.5. But if Build 2.0 is incompatible, then why am I getting prompted to update?
                        Hope someone can figure out what's going on...
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                            I have a Pro HD and I got the same prompt today but when I updated I got 1.0.10 and I cannot seem to find version 2.0 for the Mac.


                            EDIT: (Nov 30 9:42 PM PST)


                            I think it was talking about the firmware version. I went to slingbox.com and I was able to update the firmware from the web version of slingplayer but my desktop software remained at 1.0.10.


                            I think that it is pretty crappy if they have stopped working on the desktop client. I use my 24" iMac as my tv in my apartment and I don't want to be using it in Safari.

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                              same here

                              And I really don't having to connect to the internet to watch my slingbox which are located at LAN

                              (Web version & Mobile version)

                              you see, in my country, our internet often "disconnected" for a while, and when I don't any connection to the internet

                              I can't watch my slingbox on my mobile devices, which beats the whole purpose I bought the slingbox....

                              so upsetting!

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                                Same problem over here for the past week or two... claiming a new version but website only offers 1.0.10.


                                Until Sling can get their act together, here is a way to temporarily silence the irritatingly aggressive software update interval (which should certainly be a configurable option in the GUI preferences... ridiculous)


                                In the file ~/Library/Preferences/com.slingmedai.slingplayer.plist


                                Change the following entry to a date in the future... I'm giving them a whole year to get it together:


                                Hope that helps...
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                                  Go to ~/Library/Preferences/SlingMedia/_update.ini


                                  Open it in text edit. It should look like this:



                                  Change it to this:
                                  Use right click the file, perms set to read only, and above select lock file. This seems like a ploy to get all slingbox solo, and above users on the sb.com player instead. I still like my player, and the sb.com player crashes due to flash not being very stable on macs.
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                            This is actually driving me a bit crazy.  I have had all the problems described above.  I have a Sling HD and the original download for the Mac Slingplayer was clear that it did not provide the HD capability and suggested it would be released at a later date.  That was over a year ago.


                            I bought a new Macbook Pro about 6 months ago and used Time Machine to transfer my old Macbook to my new.  Everything went smooth - as it usually does with a Mac - but the slingplayer somehow changed to a different version.  It occupies the entire screen.  There are only two options (1) view using entire screen and (2) not view at all and only hear.  And it still does not do HD.


                            I have searched all over Sling Media's web page in order to at least download the original player I was using (so I can, for example, shrink the viewer so it is not taking up the entire screen).  I can't even find that version.  In fact, I am not able to find any version of the mac sling player on the site.  Every avenue I take seems to lead me to watching through the web browser on slingmedia.com.  I do not want to watch on the web browser.  It's limited and doing that IS NOT WHAT I BOUGHT from Sling Media.


                            Now, every time I open the slingplayer version I have, I get a message that a new version is available.  Once that darn message starts popping up, it never stops until you download a new version. I click throug to the web site and I do not see ANY version available - not old, not new.  The only option again is to view on slingmedia.com through a web browswer.


                            The entire situation for Macs is completely screwed up and I really wish the Sling people would get to work, provide a sling player for mac, and make it available and not impossible to find!  And stop trying to force people to watch from slingmedia.com.  In fact, I wonder why they are trying to push us there.  It's almost like theY want to have that content on their servers for some other reason.


                            Sling - please fix this!  This problem is getting old.

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                              I am still getting the prompt that there is a new version out but it still brings me to a page where I can download 1.0.10.

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                                where is this new version located??

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                                  I think the whole point to this little exercise was that Sling was trying to get the word out that the web version of Sling on the Mac will be replacing the dedicated client going forward.  One of the support problems is that the method they used for notification inside the app can't be easily turned off once the user has read the message.  There is no "do not notify me again" checkbox.


                                  Now, most people here are complaining that they will never see a Slingplayer 2.0 for Mac app.  My complaint is different.  If Sling wants me to go to watch.slingbox.com as my primary method of Slingbox access, you need to make the plug-in 64-bit capable.  Saying that I need "a small change" in Safari in order to make it work is NOT AN OPTION.  Turning off the 64-bit version of Safari is a security risk since the 64-bit version does some things that the 32-bit version doesn't.  Also, it doesn't have the same protection from Flash plug-in crashes that the 64-bit version does.  I can launch Firefox and play my Slingbox there, but I'd rather not have to do that.


                                  So can we get a 64-bit compatible browser version?  I don't make this request lightly.  Asking users to go back to 32-bit Safari is a serious problem.

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                                      I do not want a web plugin version at all, but would agree that it must be a 64bit compatible one at the very least.

                                      I'm not going to change my Safari to 32bit ether.


                                      I see no reason to not have a native Mac app since the programers that are making the iPhone and iPad versions use the very same tools that would be used to build the MAC version...


                                      So many other companies out there can provide equivalent MAC and PC versions why can't Sling?  

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                                          ChicagoDon Newbie

                                          I welcome the browser plug-in method. Hopefully it will let SB update with less version problems.

                                          So far so good with the browser method for me.

                                          The biggest problem is finding out when there are changes that make big differences.

                                          Negotiating the entire website is not that easy if you come once every other month looking only for an update.

                                          After spending some time going through messages in the forums I think it could all be solved with the Alan Richey SlingBlog site.



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                                          I only watch on LAN, so a web plug in does me absolutely no good. I don't have enough bandwidth to watch on slingbox.com (T1 line at 1.5Mbps synchronous). Not having a desktop client simply means I cannot view my slingbox on my computer.

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                                          After analyzing a bit more, Sling could be launching an iOS app instead of the current desktop app. It does make sense & they already have 2 apps ready to go!