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    Ipad and Apple TV


      Given the H.264 encoding I was hoping this app would be able to transmit video to the Apple TV via AirPlay. But if it does I haven't figured it out.

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          We can only wish.  Would that be nice!

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            Strange, since the "old" iPhone Slingbox app (when used on an iPad) WILL stream to the Apple TV.  I haven't figured out how to do it with the new Slingbox for iPad app, though.  Perhaps it is because of an anticipated "double bandwidth usage" that would be created on a home network when pulling from one source and pushing to another device at the same time on a single network.  Then again, do any developers ever really consider that?  With a true gigabit network, I would think that I could pull off a dual 1500 KBS load easily.  Could be wrong, though.