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    Problems connecting to Slingbox Solo over 3G with O2 UK


      Hi All,


      I would first of all like to start by saying that I have two Slingboxes, each one in two different locations so both are using two different internet connections. My first Slingbox works fine over 3G which is connected to an ADSL 2Mbps connection and working with a Sky Box. I have assigned an private IP to the box and port 5001 is forwarded so this box can be used.


      It is my second Slingbox, which is causing me some problems. Again, I have set this one up to use a private IP but have this time instead set the Port to be 5000 as another device is using Port 5001. I have tried some other ports like 5080 and have always forwarded these ports and tried connecting from outside my home network.


      I have tried to connect over Wi-Fi in other locations and both Slingboxes work just fine, so access to Port 5000 is OK.


      I have tried to do some internet tethering with iPhone 4 and found that I cannot connect to SlingPlayer even on my laptop. This would lead me to believe that either Slingbox is choosy over which ports it can operate, but then that idea goes out of the window as I have confirmed that it works with no problems over Wi-Fi and would in that case point to it being O2 UK blocking ports!


      Anyone on here have any clues as to what ports O2 block or leave open? I can understand ports being blocked for Peer-to-Peer services such as BitTorrent but in the past I've never had any issues connecting to the internet with O2 over 3G and anything I have attempted to download, whether it be on the iPhone or via the computer, I have been successful.


      Finally, I would like to say that SlingPlayer for iPhone just appears to crash and exits after a few seconds of being started unless it connects with my first Slingbox which is the first one, the one that works.


      Slingbox Player for Firefox, tells me that my set up or browser is unsupported and SlingPlayer for Windows tells me that it cannot find my Slingbox directory full stop.


      Again, this would point to it being a fault with O2. Anyone have any other ideas of what Ports work great with Slingbox and ones which O2 choose not to block?