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    Power supply x 2...what now?


      A bit of background before I get into specifics...


      I purchased a Slingbox Classic the week they came out at BestBuy.  Unfortunately, that evening our house nearly burned to the ground (electrical fire).  My new Slingbox stayed in its pretty package for many, many months.  Following the reconstruction of our house and the reassembly of our lives, many of our items disappeared into cardboard boxes...including the Slingbox.  Fast forward a couple years.  My wife is looking for our carving set in the attic and stumbles upon the Slingbox.  My eyes lit up--I had forgotten about the purchase and was excited to get it setup.  I went to the web to learn about setup...and was very sad to learn that the Classic was no longer supported and the firmware could not be updated.  Inspired by the re-discovery, I drove to BestBuy and bought a Slingbox Solo.  Loved it.  Helped 6 of my buddies get one...with the iPad app.  Life was great.


      About three months ago, my Solo stopped working.  I assumed it was router related, so went through a normal restart.  Nothing.  Didn't take long for me to learn about the "Network Light" problem.  I canvassed forums such as this:




      Hoping for a quick solution, I purchased a new power supply from Sling directly.  Arrived today.  Still nothing.


      I'm at a bit of a loss...I have two Slingboxes in my house.  The original never got out of the packaging due to a wicked circumstance; the replacement didn't last a year.


      Thoughts?  Advice?  Direction?


      Thanks.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.