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    Alternating Indicator Lights - Can't connect to Slinbox


      My Solo has been working fine for quite a while and one day recently I started noticing that it would only stream for a short time before the connection died. Now I can't connect to it at all and typically my network indicator light is very dim. The power light is functioning normally. I've read (and tried) the Sling support techniques for trying to reestablish a network connection, but nothing worked.


      If I hold the reset button for a few second then let go I get the following sequence of indicator lights (at full brightness).


      1. Power light

      2. Sling logo connection light (and side lights on unit) comes on

      3. Network light comes on

      4. Sling logo connection light turns off

      5. Network light turns off

      6. Power light remains on

      7. Repeat this over and over again


      I've also tried a different power adapter with the appropriate specifications to see if the stock Sling unit was bad. I did notice recently that the power adapter was making sort of a high pitch buzzing sound that wasn't there before. Unfortunately the power adapter didn't seem to change anything.


      Here's a youtube video I made of the error.





      Any ideas?