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    iPad menu controls customizable?


      In another part of the Answers forum, I finally found a remote control profile to add a 30 second skip button using Comcast remote with the DCT 3416. The 30 second skip now works on both my iPad and iPhone.


      But, on the new iPad SlingPlayer, I want to put the "A" button (where the 30 second skip is mapped) in the Play menu bar alongside Play and Pause. The "A" button is currently in the MISC menu bar. I don't see a way to customize the menu bars to move the "A" button alongside the play and pause buttons in the play menu. There is a "quick skip" button on the play menu, but it seems to be a 5 minute skip.


      Are the iPad control menus customizable, or do I always need to switch to the MISC menu to press the A button for 30 second skips?


      Thanks for any help!


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          Hey dmaltby, I can't speak with authority to the custom remote side of your question, but I can definitively say that, currently, the controls within the app itself are not customizable to the extent that you can transfer functionality from one button to another.


          So the short answer is, yep, you gotta switch to MISC to get that function. However - does your remote have any "soft keys" available? On my DISH remote, for instance, I can program some shortcuts to specific keys, or even learn certain functions from other remotes. My thought is that you could possibly re-program one of the DVR buttons to map to the "A" functionality.


          Just a thought - this is likely a question for Alan Richey, the Remotes Whisperer, here on the forums...