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    Guide has wrong channels.


      My guide is bad off. Channels are wrong. How do I fix?  Anyone else ave issues?


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          I have only the first 100 channels listed and since it appears the remote control option has been removed, I cant access the guide/ selector option for my box.

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            Perhaps the guide is setup for the wrong zip code?  It's important to note the guide only works in the US and Canada.  You may want to log into slingbox.com and click on WATCH at the top of the screen and then select the link to the Slingbox setup.  If memory serves me right it will guide you through and eventually ask for your zip code and then you can choose your provider.  If the channels are still wrong it's likely that the provider of the listings has incorrect information.  Best of luck in getting your guide displaying correct channel numbers.  I think you must configure this through the website and not on the iPad app itself.  Wayne

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              I had the same problem. You have to go to the set up menu and make sure you have the right provider and type of receiver. I endup doing a new setup and it work perfectly now try it!