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    Lower bandwidth doesn't work

    dtommyd Newbie

      So I have the new app and it looks great.  I like it a lot.  I downloaded the update in the car (as a passenger) on my way home today.  I use it on "Edge", so around 120kbs.  I see the minimum bandwidth is 150kbs but so was the iPhone version, which always worked fine - when I turned off "high quality on wifi" and "high quality audio".  Is there a way to change the settings?  Will there be an advanced menu with more control.  We have all those options available on the desktop version (which also works fine on edge with "auto" @ 256x192.  I know it seems dumb but the news looks fine and most everything else is OK.  I want these settings.  I relize the limitations.  Can Sling tweek the "auto" for slower connections?  Users will soon find how fast their monthly bandwidth is gone for another reason.  I didn't have HD when I was a kid,  I don't need it in the car either.  Half of the users don't have 3g or don't have 3g all the time.

      I also had issues a few times at home with an N Airport router and was buffered a few times.  The "auto" needs some tuning or give me some control. 

      If anyone has a workaround I'm willing to listen.  Point me in the right direction. I don't care about the HD I just want it to work.  This doesn't have to be perfect today, just needs more control.  I understand.

      Good Job Sling!