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    iPad removed controls


      I have a sky HD box, when I change the channel on my iPad for example 101 the iPad  ads 0 this makes the channel 0101, there is no such channel get an error, if I add a channel in favourites where I put a channel number in manually four example 101 it still adds the 0 does anybody know why

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          Hi John, if I remember correctly when I upgraded the firmware on my Slingbox Solo to work with the iPad app there was a screen in the Slingbox setup that asked how many digits (or zeros) you enter to change the channel.  There was also an option on that screen to test channel changing.  With that said you will likely need to go through the Slingbox Setup again and reconfigure your Slingbox.  Hope that helps, best of luck.  I attached a screen shot below.  Thanks - Wayne