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    Error while connecting


      I just downloaded the new iPad application and i can't connect to my sling box hd.  It says locating, then connecting, then an error that says "can't connect. Verify Internet connection...". Anyone else have this problem?  Or recommend a solution?

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          Just a thought, do you have port forwarding (port mapping on some devices) setup on your router or dsl/cable modem?  If you are sure you do and have viewed your Slingbox from outside your home before, then maybe it's possible that your ISP was down while you were away.  I have found that remote viewing will absolutely not work without forwarding the appropriate port to the Slingbox device.  If you need assistance on port forwarding, try a google search.  There are a lot of good guides available for specific routers/modems.  I believe the Slingbox defaults to using port 5001.  Thanks.

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            I have the same problem.  The player locates my sling boxes and connects, but when it gets to start it only moves to optimizing about 10% of the time.  The times it moves forward are random.  I have port forwarding setup on the router.  Connecting with a pc works as well as connecting from my android phone.

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              Hi, mwindeler and all.


              We recommend you all to check and adjust some router settings. Just make sure to edit the rule for the Slingbox on your router and use both of the protocols (UDP and TCP). Then, make sure to reconfigure your Slingbox for Internet Viewing.


              Slingbox SOLO Internet Viewing


              Slingbox PRO HD Internet Viewing

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                Hi, same here. IPad app freezes on the loggin in and after a while it says that there is no internet connection available even if i know there is.


                Only on the ipad. On the iphone, i can watch over the internet without any problems.


                Must be a bug.


                HElp sling please!



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                  FOUND the problem here guys. It turns out that the iphone app, installed also on the ipad in an early version, was causing the problem. When i uninstalled the old versioof the iphone app and installed again the iphone app but with the new version instead, the ipad app, installed again afterwards (i ve removed both ), worked fine on the login screen.


                  Best regards to everybody.



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                    same problem here, at login ipad app doesn't connect

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                      Ok i ll explain again. In my case i had an iphone app installed on the ipad

                      That was not updated ( i think it was version 1.0). So all i had

                      To do was to uninstall both, ipad and iphone app.

                      Then i ve installed the iphone app first, in the updated version

                      Available in the App store, then installed the ipad app again.

                      And voila... All worked fine . There was something in the old iphone version app

                      That was preventing the ipad App to connect. Got it now?

                      Best regards.