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      I have a slingbox solos linked up to my Thomson Sky HD receiver which is connected via the supplied scart to composite cable and

      the sky box is connected to the tv via a HDMI cable.
      When I first got the slingbox it seemed to work fine but now, it appears that everytime the Sky box goes into a standby mode
      I cannot watch the tv using either sling player or the web browser plug in. I just get the lost  video or bad connection message.

      I suspect it is the HDMI connection to the tv from the sky box that is cauing the problem. I have read about this problem in numerous posts

      and that it is resolved by switching from a HDMI connection for tv to a composite connection.

      My problem with this solution is that using a composite cable kind of defeat the concept of having a HD sky box and HD tv set as you will not get the same resolution on the tv from the sky box.

      Does anyone know of another possible solution to this very irritating probem that I could try?

      Does anyone know if I can turn off the lack of activity standby function on the sky box to prevent this hapenning again?

      In this case, I would turn the sky box on and off with the remote control power button.

      If i do this regularly assuming it will work, will it have any detrimental efects on the sky box.