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    Slingbox Solo not connecting to network.



      I am trying to connect the slingbox solo to my network and my mac. I have reset it several times (short and full).

      I have reset my router so that there is no issues with it getting on the network. However the sling player software still can't find the slingbox.


      I currently have it connected directly to my router (netgear dg834pn), the network and light on the sling logo are flashing alternate, every so often. What does this mean?


      I have tried to connect the slingbox directly to the mac, but haven't had much luck there.


      Any help getting it connected would be much appreciated.





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          My slingbox has been hooked up to my router and Mac for over a year and working fine --- and suddenly stopped working - same symptoms as you report - will not hook up to network.  A $30 call to technical support resulted in a $70 replacement being sent - which does the same thing.

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            Hi, richard78 and lundy602.


            The following link will provide you with the steps to follow in order to fix this issue.


            My Slingbox SOLO doesn't show up on the network


            Make sure to follow the recommended steps and let us know if the issue persists.

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              I have a slightly different, but similar issue. i just installed a new router - an Apple Airport Extreme. My Slingbox is found on the network, but streams at a very low kbps, then loses the connection. We have had the Slingbox for three years without many issues. I have reset the router, reset the Slingbox, and done everything else I can think of. Any suggestions?

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                So....please READ this especially if you are a CANADIAN slingbox solo user:


                My slingbox solo stopped working about 3 weeks ago, I'm a Software Developer by trade so I went online and tried everything.  I have also replaced the power supply (OEM).  Nothing.


                I gave in and decided to call slingbox support and accidentially called the US office.  They said that for $99 they would ship me out a replacement and that they would expect my old unit to be shipped back within 30 days.  I was fully agreeable to that.  When they found out I had a CANADIAN address, they pointed me to a different support number.  I called and they said:


                Once the slingbox is out of the warranty period (1 yr after purchase) there is nothing that can be offered in CANADA i.e. unit can not be serviced or replaced.  I said, get out of here....you don't service your product?  You expect your customers to buy the product AGAIN??  He said "yes".  I am very shocked...I told him that this was not a good policy and that it will now affect my purchasing decision for this product.


                Slingbox, if you are reading this, this is a HORRIBLE policy.  I have had a slingbox for 5+ years and "loved" your product.  I was willing to pay whatever to fix the product but you have no ability to fix (support) your products in CANADA?!?!?!??!?!??!  What's that about?


                I'm off to BestBuy/Futureshop to buy another product...it was nice while it lasted!





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                    I have the same problem. My Slingbox Solo worked PERFECTLY for months....then one day while I was on my honeymoon...it worked for about 30 seconds and stopped. I didn't think anything of it. Just thought that maybe my router went bad at home. It wasn't my router though, everything was fine hardware wise. Went to the slingbox site where there was a button that said they acknowledged the issue and that they were working on it. I figured that I'd get an email from the tech department stating that the problem was fixed. I never received the email. Many months passed and my slingbox still would not work. FIrmware update didn't do anything...infact I think it was the firmware update in the first place that ruined it all. Now, I am extremely frustrated trying to get my slingbox to work again, and it's connecting to my network just fine....except for the steps when I'm supposed to settup my audio/video...the video (with audio) will work for about 5 seconds then goes black, and the warning pops up saying that my slingbox is no longer detected on the network...and sure enough the network light is out. I've tried EVERYTHING! It keeps doing the same **** thing.


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                    I have the same problem!


                    I have tried connecting directly to the slingbox on three separate computers ALL of which I have used the slingbox before.


                    Pressing the Slingbox reset button does nothing at all!

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                      nethawk7 Newbie

                      I had the same problem, as do so many people dealing with this issue – which generally can be attributed to an inherently defective power supply. On eBay, I suggest that you go to a store called “TopPowerAC” and purchase the power supply unit that they sell for your model slingbox. (I have a Pro-HD.) It should cost you around $10. I plugged in their unit and my issues were resolved immediately! It might be worthwhile for you to try this as well.

                      (As a public service, I am posting my reply in multiple discussions because of the prevalence of this problem.)

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                        My slingbox solo was hooked up and working for months.  All of a sudden it stopped working... and it couldn't find the network.  I tried everything including a hard reset.  Nothing.  The setup software would say "There's a problem communicating with your Slingbox.  Make sure your Slingbox is connected to the internet."  Meanwhile, the power light was lit up, but the network light was off.  I tried a new ethernet cable.  No luck.  Reset the router.  Same thing.


                        Since I am out of warranty, I was about to plunk down another $200 for a new unit, but decided to check here first.  As shown by this string, a lot of people are having the same problem.  Looks like there is a chronic issue here. And sling media knows about it.  Turns out that the problem is with the power supply.  So, even though my power light is lit up, the unit is not getting enough power.


                        So I called tech support this morning.  They had me check the manufacturer's name on my power supply (which is Ktec), and they agreed, after very little discussion, to send me a new power supply at no charge.  Should be here by UPS in 5 days.  I'll post a follow up to this once it arrives to report whether this fixes the problem.  I have a feeling it will.

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                            Thank you for your post, I have the same issue with my slingbox solo exactly like you described.  I took your advice and called customer support and slingbox is sending me a new power cord free of charge.  I hope it solves my connection problem.

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                              Replacement power supply arrived today.

                              Plugged it into the slingbox solo... and - I'm back in business!


                              The power light and the network light came right on.  I had to do a hard reset (holding the reset button in for about 10 seconds) till the middle "n" started flashing.  Took about 3 minutes for it to fully acquire the network and for the network light to stop flashing.


                              Once the network light and power light were both solid, I went to setup.slingbox.com and followed the easy steps to set it up.  Had to open the firewall port on my new router to enable internet viewing, but after about 10 minutes, the unit was totally set up and working like a charm.


                              Bottom line: the old Ktec power adapter must be bad.  Not sure if other mfr's are bad too.  But, with the new power supply, my slingbox solo is as good as new.



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                                  I've been having the same problem so thanks to you for previous posts - I had tried absolutely everything and just could not understand the problem I was having.  I have today telephoned the support team (excellent chap but didn't get his name but a credit to the company) and they are replacing the power adapter next week.  Fingers crossed that it works.


                                  I love my Slingbox and try selling it to anyone who will listen!

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                                I, too, have been having problems connecting to the slingbox solo over the past couple weeks.  I read the posts above.  I called support.  The first thing they told me was that I had to pay the 29.99 or go to the online support options.  I told him I did that and it seems I need to order a new power supply.  After a few minutes of asking me to hold, then to hold again and again, the support tech asked for the name and model# of the power supply.  I gave it to him and he said a new one will be mailed out.  Total time was bout 7 minutes on the phone.  Mine was activated 12/07.  So I am thankfful to you guys for the tips and to Sling for the great service.

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                                  I have been complaining on the Forum for over 6 months and had given up as it appeared that Slingo would not acknowledge the problem.


                                  Having recently seen some successful comments on here I decided to contact support once again.


                                  They did not ask me to make any payment for support and after giving them the model/serial number off the slingbox box they said they would send me a new replacement  power supply foc.


                                  This arrived three days ago ( after two days wait ) and after plugging it in the slingbox is now working perfectly again !


                                  WELL DONE SLINGCO !