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    Desktop Slingayer Takes Numerous attempts to connect Win10 and OSX

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      Many issues with the new slingplayer app that runs on Windows 10 and OSX. Cannot even connect or get the app to open on Firefox (both Windows 10 and OSX). On Chrome I have to restart the browser, clear the cache, and then restart the PC or Mac everything's time and it still takes the software 15 minutes to connect. Sometimes only audio. Download speed is 160mbps down and upload is 15mbps.


      On my mobile app it connects instantly. Literally within 5 seconds.


      This is a Slingbox 500 btw.


      Both browsers are setup to clear the cache everytime on exit.


      What exactly is the problem here. Never experienced anything like this when slingplayer was just a browser plugin. Now that it is a standalone app, it just doesn't want to connect.