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    Can the Android tablet app be forced onto a phone?

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      The remote control access / interface on the Slingplayer phone app is AWFUL, at least for accessing my Uverse DVR.  It takes going several menu layers to find simple button commands.  I much prefer the tablet app, which superimposes a picture of the physical remote, with all the buttons showing at once.


      Unfortunately, Slingplayer won't let me install that app on my phones, a Galaxy S7 and an LG G3.  The screen is certainly big enough to support the tablet interface, so I'm not sure why they preclude me from using it (especially since the phone app interface is so bad).  Neither phone is rooted.


      Is there a way to override this?  Would sideloading the apk perhaps allow it to be installed on a phone?  And is there a reputable site where that apk is available for download?