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    Hitachi HDR505 Remote Not working


      Hi, Can anyone help me.


      I bought as slingbox solo about 3 weeks ago. I set it up without any major problems linking it to a new Hitachi HDR505 DVR. I could not find the correct remote so set up a custom remote, which while not perfect was working sufficiently well.


      I am now away from home and for the last week have been using slingplayer & slingbox.com. Yesterday,however my remote did not load. I tried to troubleshoot the problem. i think I have made things worse.


      A "generic" Hitachi remote then became available but did not work. Even that now has disappeared when I tried again to log in.


      What can I do. Can I get my custom remote back. I have tried seaching on the remote forum but cannot find one specific to my DVR.


      There is a big time difference between me & home and no-one there is very technical so I am afraid I am stuck until I return in about a month.


      I have tried quite a few of the different Hitachi remotes available on the slingplayer set up none of which work.


      If I could get someone to reset my slingbox at home, would I lose the custom remote I set up.


      I attach a pic of the remote. I believe it is very common, as my previous DVR althogh a "different" make was exactly the same


      Thanking anyone in advance who can help.