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    Problems with web player after Windows 10 update



      I am unable to watch my Slingbox 350 on newwatch.slingbox.com after an update of Windows 10 (I have a 64 bit non-US version) that was carried out about one month ago. I always get the message "The Slingplayer for Web Application is not installed on your system. Please download and install it by clicking here.". But I just tried to watch inside an emulated Windows 8.1 environment (I used VirtualBox to do this) and the web plugin ran fine. Therefore I can only guess that the culprit is the Windows 10 update. Using the emulated Windows 8.1 is not a solution, given that the streaming is a bit crappy. As a temporary solution I am using the embedded player that can be found at  http://slingplayer.slingbox.com/embedded/slingplayer.php , but I would like to restore the finctionality of the web plugin...

      Others are experincing similar issues?


      Thank in advance for any answer, Marco