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    Slingplayer constantly crashing


      A month or two ago, Slingplayer updated so now it creates a new window when I am watching online instead of being able to watch in the same window as the website itself. Since this happened, I have experienced constant crashes where the Slingplayer will cut out and display the word "Idle" with a broken image icon, and I will have to close the window and refresh the Slingplayer website to make it work again. Is there a way to revert to the old Slingplayer that worked for me, or to fix this problem?

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          Having the same issue. Doesn´t anyone have a clue?

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              Hello guys,


              it seems I have the solution for our problem- credits to my slingbox host from Philly who adviced me to do the following:


              Install a mouse jiggler and turn it on. Best if the mouse is jiggled automatically and just virtually (there is a box to tick). You won´t recognize the jiggling. Hope the problem will not return and that it will work for everyone affected, too.

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              **Browser solution found, sort of, see below***

              * FYI I posted this on the blog.slingbox.com site a few days ago, hopefully this will help someone!*


              As with everyone above, my 10+ year old Slingbox PRO-HD which works like a charm still is almost useless via a desktop Mac now thanks to Sling's “Streamlining.” (Yes iPad/iPhone apps work, but I have a MacMini I want to use when I’m at home.)

              • Desktop App v1.0 Mac (From Sling’s Old Software Downloads link) won’t open on a modern mac. I found a way to trick it to open but I can’t get it to recognize my password.
              • Current Desktop App for Mac – Great to see it back, and it works for setup – but Sling has crippled it from actually letting you stream TV! (I guess since Sling can’t insert ads into the app.)
              • Using Safari – I install the “WebPlayer” app via Safari. It does install but Safari can never connect and the app doesn’t connect.
              • Using Chrome and Firefox – Seems to get farther than Safari, but WebPlayer never succeeds to connect.
              • Finally, my last resort is still sadly the best and now only working option on the Desktop is your Slingplayer for Facebook app. Sling, please do not disable this app as it is the only one working on the Mac now!!!
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                having the same problem...