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    Connection problems

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      We are trying to connect our sling box in Mazatlán.  Just keeps saying "connecting to your slingnbox slingnplayer"  Does not connect.  Any answers.  Says our system status is ok

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          We are having the same problem. Although we are not in Mazatlan. I wish.Any help would be appreciated. Slingbox just hangs at "connecting to your slingbox..."

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              Okay I finally got someone on the chat line.  I spent over an hour with him as he eventually had to take control of my computer and uninstall and reinstall the system a couple times.  Finally got it to work.  He was very helpful and patient.  We are not computer type people.  Anyway I have to sign in through this web site now to get it to work.        newwatch.slingbox.com      Good luck.