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    Stuck in Optimizing


      Been trouble shooting a new computer build that has not been able to connect onto a slingbox pro.

      It gets stuck in optimizing....wifi connection and wired plug in connection


      Running on Window 7 32bit.

      Downloaded the latest slingmedia software.

      Have no access to the slingbox pro (in a foriegn country)

      1 Slingbox Pro, 2 slingbox solo all unable to connect with new computer.

      Internet: Verizon Fios (Actiontec modem with a Netgear wireless router)

      Window firewall all disabled, no third party antivirius or firewall program



      1. Have 2 other computer (one MAC, one Vista) in the house both able to connect onto the slingbox with no issue (so home router setup is fine)

      2. New computer does connect onto slingbox pro in other location other than home ( with some freezing random )

      3. Disconnect Netgear router and connect onto Actiontec Fios modem directly, no help same issue.

      4. Reinstalled software a few times.

      5. Internet speed test 10mb up and down



      Basically running out of ideas to troubleshoot this problem.

      Dont know if its a hardware issue or software....

      Did some search online but have not found a definate answer.  Anyone with a hint on this issue?

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          Bryanod Novice

          When your optimizing open resource monitor in the task manager on the performance tab. checkmark the slingplayer.exe then click on the network tab.


          Under TCP connections are there 2 to the sling ip?  If so manually set the rates to the lowest possible. 

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            No results.

            Attempted another PC with different OS ( Vista 32bit ) doesnt work as well.



            Im thinking it might be the Fios modem......


            So far i have test with 2 laptop ( win7 32bit, Vista 32bit) both connects without issues


            Any desktop i've tried, wired connection & wireless post no  connection, it gets stuck optimizing


            With the numerous issues with this product , or any of its brand...simply not worth the trouble might as well be a brick.


            I'll keep on trying for a friend, on a personal level this product and support for company staff is a joke