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    No Video Signal on Slingplayer as Sky+ has powered off - how do I turn it on?

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      I connected the Slingbox to the Sky+HD box (UK based) using the composite cables (red/yellow/white). After a bit of messing about (reinstalling Slingplayer & powering things on and off), everything worked fine - I had an SD signal and could change channels using the Slingplayer.


      Now that I am trying to use Slingplayer remotely, I get a message saying 'No video signal'. I assume this is because the Sky+ box has gone to sleep, but there doesn't seem to be a power on/off button on the Slingplayer remote (I've checked the Android app, the webplayer and the PC desktop app).


      Am I missing something here? It seems like a fundamental flaw in the system if I can't turn the source on remotely. Surely the power on/off button is the same as the channel control and red/green/yellow/blue buttons on the remote. Can anyone help? I've been searching the forums and don't seem to able to find any solution besides setting up the sky+ box to never go to sleep.