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    Slingbox 500 hdmi issue

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      Having trouble with my Slingbox 500. The way I have it connected is HDMI from the TV to the Slingbox HDMI Out, from Slingbox HDMI In to set top box. When I hook it up this way Live TV works but I do not get signal on my slingplayer app on my tablet. Setup #2 is TV to Slingbox HDMI Out, Slingbox Component to set top box via HDMI-Component adapter, that allows the SlingPlayer app to work but then Live TV does not work. Am I doing something wrong? Does the HDMI Adapter have to be a splitter as well? The HDMI-COMPONENT Adapter your site recommends is also a splitter but none of the directions I have read mention using a 3rd HDMI cable.