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    Sudden Problems with Slingbox -- viewing Remotely


      Hi Experts.


      I have had a Slingbox for 5 years and watched it without issues (other than slow bandwidth at my remote locations).  I use the remote viewing application (v


      The Box is located in Texas (Comcast, Dallas) and I am in France.  I was watching fine on Sunday morning (Nov 21, ~0130 UTC) when the picture stopped.  As happens from time to time, the IP address changed.  Therefore, I got the new IP address and expected it to work.  The problem is that it no longer fully connects.  It goes through all the steps of connection (Connecting...  1 pending...  Connected... Starting Stream...) and then it dies with the error "0x93200005 Unable to connect to the Slingbox.  Please check your network, firewall, and router settings."  However, I can see that it is connecting, but then is rejected at the end. 


      The host site indicates that they have not changed any settings to their network.  They can connect while at the house (although it isn't a remote connection). 


      I'm baffled...  Any suggestions?


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          One update:  I did get through to the Sling and saw a picture for a moment...  then it got stuck on "optimizing"...


          So, the communication is there between my computer and the Sling, but now the box is getting "stuck"...


          Any ideas?

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              It's working!


              Well, apparently there was a firmware update pushed this morning from Sling (someone was standing by the box when it updated)...  I guess the IP address change on Sunday was Comcast updating its security that other people had problems with back in August...  That initiated the firmware update which now appears to be compatible with the current network settings...


              OK, that's what may have happened.  It's working again now and I'm looking forward to some Thanksgiving football in Paris!


              Subject closed (until the next problem...)