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    No Video Signal



      I had a SB300 for the last five years and it worked without any problems. Even setup worked as expected. Since it stopped working last November I had to buy a new one so I went for a M1 Slingbox.

      No I can't get any video displayed I tried (by using different cables) both Component and Composite video connections. In either way I only get sound only but no video signal! Screenshot attached (saying Video signal found at the top header but below in the configure video window it says the truth "No Video Signal". Do I need to get it replaced? Any configuration tips & tricks? PLEASE HELP! - Thx, Alex


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          Quick update, I got the composite connection to run (reason; TV box is not supporting Composite/Scart AND component at the same time, so unplugging HDMI/component did the trick) however component connection instead seems still not working which would be the preferred connection to also watch in HD quality and to let me connect to SLING while other people are also watching via HDMI/component. Sounds like a warranty case if I am not wrong, correct?