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    Slingplayer for web works every other time

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      Using a Slingbox 350.  The desktop apps no longer work for streaming TV (both Mac and Windows).  The desktop app is only able to configure the slingbox, but you can't stream video.


      So I'm now forced to use the Slingplayer for web.  What happens now is the first time I open the slingplayer web application, it streams video for only a few seconds and then freezes.  If I close the slingplayer web application and relaunch, video streaming seems to work okay.  This behavior is very repeatable.  This behavior happens on both Mac and Windows PCs.  This also happens with both Chrome and Firefox browsers.


      Are there any solutions to this?  The entire slingbox experience has really deteriorated in the last several months.  What has happened with the quality of this company and these products?