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    Excessive pinging?


      Why is my Slingbox pinging an unreachable internal router address every 2 seconds for open ports?


      INF2010-11-23T17:22:19-06:00fw,fwmonsrc= dst= ipprot=6 sport=57370 dport=49152 Drop traffic to
      INF2010-11-23T17:22:21-06:00fw,fwmonsrc= dst= ipprot=6 sport=57371 dport=49152 Drop traffic to
      INF2010-11-23T17:22:23-06:00fw,fwmonsrc= dst= ipprot=6 sport=57372 dport=49152 Drop traffic to
      INF2010-11-23T17:22:25-06:00fw,fwmonsrc= dst= ipprot=6 sport=57373 dport=49152 Drop traffic to


      Slingbox is on, DSL modem/router serves up the 192.168.99.x addresses, and I have an internal router that serves 10.20.47.x, but cannot be seen by the 192.168.99.x network. I usually use the Sligbox on 2 machines inside the 10.20.47.x network, but not at the address which is the internal address of the internal router.