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    When streaming via cellular "the connected video signal is not supported"

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      Hello all, appreciate any help that can be given!


      I purchased and set up the Slingbox M2 about a week ago on my home network.  I also have the Slingplayer App set up on my Samsung Galaxy Note5.  When at home, connected to wifi, the app works smoothly.  But when out of the house and using cellular date, the video has stopped working.  Now when I watch a channel I can only hear the audio and the screen shows "the connected video signal is not supported".


      Now before someone directs me to the thread that shows I have to change my cable box to not broadcast 1080p, thats not the issue.  The video works just fine when I'm connected to my home wifi.  How do I fix this?


      (Edit:  It should also be noted that the video was previously working fine when watching on cellular data.  It only stopped working the past 2 days.)